RamDragon (ramdragon) wrote,

New Year, New Plan

Like the title says, New Year, New Plan.

I have a little problem. I get bored. I get bored fast, and in terms of work, that seems to equate to either sabotaging my job untill I am asked to leave, or my making astoundingly rediculous choises to further my carrer.

Quick Recap:

Best job I ever had was working for a painball company. They had financial dificulties and I was relinqished to shop where I was let go for being late (by a minute every time and my late work days for no overtime and ability to exceed quotas with a high degree of accuracy were not considered) I look back now and I think it was a bit of self sabatage.

I've had other shop jobs, and I hated every one of them. But still, I think I inevitably came to leave those positions out of shere boredom. Every time.

Then there were the retail jobs. Oh, holy carp. I can retail with the best of them, but there are just some things I have never learned. I was a manager at Office Depot for 2 years, where I was one of the fastest sockers because I could memorize shelving so I had little time spent looking for where things went. Others hated workign with me because I was a top-down kind of thinker. I would just grab the box on top and stock the contents all up and down the isle (the warehouses that packed the boxes had no idea where things were located) but others preffered to take like items that were shelved together and stock section-by-section. I get that. It makes sense. But I'm faster doing ti my way, and I recognoze that it looks like chaos to an outside view. Still, Office Depot decided to regulate how stocking takes place to speed things along. I went from the fastest stocker to teh slowest. It wasn't so bad because by then I was a manager and only had to manage opening operations. Of course, my second day as a manager, I was handed the keys and told "Good Luck" so my training in that area was non-existant and I ended up more stressed than I have ever been in any other job because my bosses would constantly complain that I didn't finish morning operations! I looked for any excuse I could to leave, and took a Tech Job.

I loved my Tech Job. I was hired in at a $2/hour pay cut from my management position. I was cut back another $1 after my new boss decided I had oversold my qualifications. It took 2 years to get back to $14/hr, and while I deeply enjoyed the job, I was never satisfied, particularly when I discovered that the work I was doing was worth far more than I was making. But, as with any on-the-job learning, you can't really shop those skills to other employers because the other people applying have certifications to show what their skills are and I have to guess at what things are called. Hell, I learned things that I didn't think were that complicated but turns out they are some of the hardest things for people to learn. I started looking for any opportunity to make more money.

I quit to drive a Truck. I earned my CDL, certified Class A to operate tractor/trailer combos, and drove for 6 months before my health degenerated to the point I had to stop. I've always been overweight, but at 330lbs, and 25 of that gained after starting to drive, I was just sick all the time, couldn't sleep well, chroinic migranes, and a deeper depression than I realised at the time I had to either quit or die on the road. And I never earned close to what I was promised by my recruiters. Turns out you can make $100k/year driving trucks, but you have to do it for a decade first. Okay, that job ended without so much of what I would call sabatage, but I definately made the worst decision of my life as an act of it.

NOV was great. 3D Printers, and a paycheck I could play with. I bought 2 3d printers of my own. I love them. I love printing and designing. NOV ended because of teh oil price crash; everybody was laying off people. That I survived 3 rounds of layoffs before being hit was a turn of great luck on my part, I think.

2016 has to be different. I'm 40 in 2016, and I can't survive as I have. Many of my life choices have led me to be so financially unstable that I have had to move back in with my parents. I've been here for most of a decade. I think, instead of finding a job that I will end up hating in 6 months, I will have to make my own work.

Some things I want to acomplish in 2016 are:
3D Printed Limbs for Children (a charity I think will be called KidMode)
Maybe a side business sellign 3D printed objects from my printers.
game company called I Dream In Steam (I have a few game titles worked out on paper)
Finish a first draft of a book. OR script a web comic that  I can draw. I have so many story ideas that one should be easy, but the least profitable.
A stedy girfriend would be nice, too. I think I can call that a goal.

If I can acomplish one of those things in 2016, I'll call the year a success. It will be my first.
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