RamDragon (ramdragon) wrote,

Making a move

I'm looking up classes. My biggest draw-back as an employee right now is that my resume is all fluff. I need a tight demo reel, and I need to be able to demonstrate environmental design, character design, rigging and shading. I'd like to focus on environmental and level design, so I'm trying to find the best places I can get good training at.

Preferably online, preferably free. For obvious reasons. But if it's going to take going to my bishop and asking for some church assistance, then I'm going to have to humble myself and go ask. Of course, I'm on unemployment so I might be able to get workforce development training if I look hard enough.

SInce I can finally see my screen today (migraine's almost gone) it's all I've been doing. Didn't manage to draw today, but I couldn't see so I'm not calling that a loss. I still have an hour before bed.
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