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I'm sitting here at work, in the Print Center where I go to school, and I thought to myself how long it has been since I updated this journal. Here we go.

October 22: I was late to class, and pulled into the garage at 1:00. I drove all the way too the top of the garage following a Jeep and one other car, only to find that there are no spaces left. We all start driving back down. On the third level, someone was pulling out of their spot, so of course the car in front of us stopped to take it. The Jeep in front of me stopped, and obviously I stopped.

Now, I drive as though everyone else on the road is mentally deficient, or at least has no driving experience at all. I stopped 20 feet of so behind the Jeep, just in case she needed to back up. Turns out, I only gave her enough room to honk right before she hit me. She accelerated the whole way.

Bad news: my eight-year-old DaeWoo was totaled. Good news: I'm in a brand new car. Kia Spectra, 2008 manual transmission, Spicy Red. Only real issue I have now is that my bank account went in the hole for a few hours last week, so I lost about $200 in overdraft charges.

Near the beginning of this month, my friend Mason called me up. I haven't heard from him in years. Turns out that one of his stories was optioned a few months back and is being produced as a film. He called me up to get me in on the action. Mason is my very best friend.

I'm making storyboards. I might be working with him to develop other stories for film soon, too.

So, now I'm at work, sitting here talking to students, and this girl walks in with a very pretty face. She's dressed like it's the middle of winter even though it's Houston and the coldest it gets is mid-fifties, so all I can say is that she has a very pretty face. Unfortunately it's full of piercings. Why? Why piercings? The one through the nose, I can handle that. After all, if she ever changes her mind and takes it out no one will see the scar from the hole. The ones in her eyebrow and her upper lip are a different story.

People, don't you know that those scars will always be there? They might not be very noticeable, but people get those kinds of piercings as a way of defining and beautifying themselves... a sort of self expression the same as everyone else. But when you grow up and decide not to have those silly things dangling from your face anymore, the damage has already been done, and you will notice hose scars from your mistakes for the rest of your life.

If you want to poke holes in yourself, that's what belly buttons and nipples are for. Oh, and earlobes, though I don't like piercings there either, personally.
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