RamDragon (ramdragon) wrote,

Dancing like a Man

So, my church hosted a singles-only dance recently. Anyone familiar with how Mormon congregations are divided up wouldn't find that he least bit odd. The first question my mom asks is, "Did you dance?"

Um, no. I never dance in public. Why? Because I feel awkward and clumsy. I go to those dances because I'm not the only one who won't dance, so there's good chance of compatible conversation.

I just caught myself dancing to my radio. Bedlam Bards' "Saphrion's Wedding Dance." It's got a folky, medieval feel, and I've done medieval dancing before. My natural overdose of rhythm took over and I pranced in front of my mirror. Boy, did I look ridiculous.

That's the other reason I don't dance in public. I have the natural grace of a cat, the rhythm of a drummer, and the build of a waterbuffalo. I don't look silly dancing, I look awful. Ridiculous. Stupid.

The worst part is that I actually stopped to watch myself for a good five minutes.
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