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Earth friendly and the Green Attack!

Is it just me, or are those environmentalists the single largest concentration in our society for crackpots, paranoia, sensationalists, and uneducated fear-mongers on this planet?

So, I'm interested in "green" technologies. I don't think we have the power to destroy or save the planet as a race. After all, on the largest contributors, globally, to green-house gases, I've never seen the Human Race even pop up in the top ten. Volcanoes are near the top. One volcano can spew out more greenhouse gases in a week than the entirety of the human race combined can annually. We wanna save the world from greenhouse gases, we'd have to plug up every volcano we can find. And that's not even the worst contributor.

If you're curious, it's cows. Now, I know we can blame cow population on human domestication, but still. It's an animal, not a car.

So I'm watching Planet Green. A show called Alter Eco. It's a reality-style show following a group of recyclers and Green People. It was fairly good, until the part where the main green-dude was showing a bar owner some alternative "green" products.

It was the straws and stirrers that pissed me off. They were made of corn-derived plastics. They are not recyclable, and they are not biodegradable. People, here's the thing. Technology labeled "green" and has the word corn in it probably isn't green. Corn plastics and ethanol are the biggest shams that have been sold to us in decades. Look it up, research how ethanol is produced. Then find out how oil goes from liquid to plastic. Then find out how much corn is needed to do both of those things.

In a world suffering from starvation, we are producing food into waste, pollution, and draining our other energy resources to do it. If I even see the word Ethanol at the fuel pump, I go somewhere else. You should too. Hopefully, we can wise up and stop ethanol in the next five years and use that food-producing land to grow corn people can eat.

I just want to hit someone now. I can't believe any self-respecting conservationist, green supporter or environmentalist would give corn technologies the time of day. Maybe we can make it green in a hundred years, but we can't right now. And in the mean time, we're starving ourselves.

Farmland is given over to grow corn for non-human consumption, more gas is wasted in transportation and refining than would be used otherwise, and so we see higher grocery prices. Add that to the rising price of crude oil and the rising cost at the pump, and consider that that also impacts the price of groceries. It's stupid. And our tax dollars are paying for it. Well, they are if you are in the US.

At least, I'm not aware of another government subsidizing this insanity.
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