RamDragon (ramdragon) wrote,

Am I even on the right path?

I'm debating starting a new journal for the McCormick 2012 Election Year Presidential Campaign. I'm trying to follow the current debates, though I have to admit I can't understand why these debates are happening. What are they campaigning for? The right to run for president? I could have sworn that was a right equally guaranteed to all Americans.

Well, all Americans over the age of 35. That's why I'm looking at 2012. I'll be 36.

There seems to me to be a bug in the system. Not big problems, and I wouldn't quite say that the system is broken, but there are clear ways the system fails and falls short in consistent, persistent ways that clearly favor some while denying others. The failure, or, rather, week link appears to be a result of a system that has developed within the system, in a similar way that small ecosystems of parasites and bacterias can develop in the halitosis of a poorly maintained mouth. The government can be saved, but it has to be saved fro itself.

Hiding its deficiencies behind apathy will only work for so long.

The apathy is breaking down, and the infestation of the government is being exposed. The infection I'm referring to here is a result of the current two-party system. One team fights to hang their white flag, while the other team struggles to hang theirs, and all the while they tear and pull at the flag of their opposition. This constant struggle has often decayed to the point where each side has denied the progress of the other out of spite and not out of moral obligation. The state of things now is such that one side will debate against the other not because they disagree but simply because they are the enemy.

This political ecosystem has developed in Washington to the extent that the common man and woman in America doesn't feel like they can take the responsible rolls of the government offices--offices normally reserved for politicians.

I don't intend to detail all my feelings and beliefs here tonight. Frankly, I am kept up at this hour with my thoughts dwelling on the state of the government. I'm kept awake, as if in fear for the future.

My simple statement, however, is just this; How is it that the greatest country in the world has homeless? Hungry children? Unemployed? Uninsured? People in this very country live with the same problems our government spends billions a year to alleviate oversees in developing countries. Does that seem right? America suffers the some of the worst quality of food among developed, industrialized nations, we suffer inferior educations, and we are subjected to poorer health care than the countries we compete with on a global scale. And the politicians use band-aid fixes to "cure" those shortcomings.

I want to state what I want out of America, for me and for my future children. I want an America that takes care of Americans first. Secure America, then look outside to see what we, as a nation, can accomplish. But when people on American soil are suffering from want and neglect--when the basic needs of Americans are left ignored--there is no way to strengthen morale, courage, or economy.

That's the way I see it. I don't know if I am wrong, or if I'm even on the right path. I don't study politics. I don't study law. I study Fine Art. I draw, and I imagine and I think and I look--and I see what I look at, even if I can't fully understand it right now. What I see is a broken system badly in need of maintenance and repair.

If I decide to continue pursuing this thought, I'm going to start a real journal for it. If not, then this rant ends here.
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