RamDragon (ramdragon) wrote,

another weird dream.

Dive right in, then.

My friend's girlfriend disappeared. Adam (friend) and I go out looking for her, and end up stumbling into a secret society of super-wealthy dog-show people. We manage to find her and escape, but not before being caught on surveillance.

Later, we meet her family. They are very upper-middle class and her father doesn't want his daughter to be dating a hourly man like Adam. He ends up kicking him out just before I show up to get him. On the drive home, we get ambushed by black-tie types and wake up in a room with lots of other guys wearing dog-collars and shorts. It's the dog-show people again, and this time we find out that we've been kidnapped as pets and are about to undergo "show training."

Skipping some details, they turn us into dogs. Then they train us as dogs and take us to dog shows where they always win. Adam and I try to escape again, but before we can go too far, he sees his girlfriend again, being turned into a dog.

After finally managing to escape with his girlfriend, we return to her house where she promptly dumps Adam, thinking it will make things safer for him. Of course it doesn't, and after talking with her for a few minutes I go off after Adam, and see him turn into a dog and follow off with a pack of assorted, but well groomed, dogs. The other guys from the dog-show retrieved him, like they were trained to do. And then it was my turn to retrieve him.

I ran off toward the mansion where the dog-guys were kept (and in pretty nice diggs, too). As I arrive, the young girl who was my owner informs me that they were just beginning a feast to celebrate another dog-show victory, and she wanted me to be there. There was some vague threat that I'll have to write later when I serialize this story. As I seat myself (shirtless again, but in a dress collar and dress pants) I see Adam's Girlfriend seated with the female-dog-people. This time, I'm unable to escape with them and am forced to leave alone.

Then I somehow ended up being chased by a detective, a mercenary, and a redneck-alien who were trying to catch me for tress-passing and vandalism. It might have been a separate dream in the same town, though. I sometimes re-use my backgrounds.
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