RamDragon (ramdragon) wrote,

Good news for the Ladies!

Good news is that I didn't get hit by a car.

The night of my last post I took a walk. Two hours later i realized I was lost and it took three hours to get back home. I learned that I am a walking machine and can probably walk for days without feeling it. It did nothing for my mood.

Now, a week later, finals are over. I flunked four out of five classes and i am not happy about that at all. I should have tried harder to drop those two classes. Now, I'm stuck with a 2.something-very-low for two quarters until I can retake all those classes. The worst part is that I don't know if I can finish by 2008 now. One of my loans (naturally the big one) stops paying out for winter 08 quarter, so if I don't finish by then I don't know if I can.

However, the overall stress has lessened significantly. As long as I can keep from talking to my mother, I should be able to maintain this three day, migraine-free streak.

Now for three weeks, I think I will focus on my props. I'm almost done with a sword that just needs a finish sanding and a coat of shiny. I think I'll use some engine-chrome. I've seen some excellent results for hand-held props with that. Most of the cheaper stuff rubs of with hand-oils. Then I have some KH props i promised a friend I'd do on the cheap. (I quoted her a ridiculous number, then said I'd do her a favor if she covered costs. I hope she doesn't shop with a calculator.) Anyway, keyblades and some odd chokrim thing.
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