RamDragon (ramdragon) wrote,

Crying over cookie-dough.

It's nice to rant. Let's you air out your thoughts, lay your ducks out straight, and count your chickens.

Sometimes you just need to take a walk.

So, the only piece of advice I've received this week was to watch a chick-flick, eat a tube of cookie dough, and have a good cry. Fifteen minutes into The Fountain, I looked for a new movie. I tried some of the other movies I could find and ended up with Music and Lyrics.

Man, that was bad advice. I should have realized that my natural reflex to gooey feelings is to swallow them and go numb. That's how this all started. The frustration mounts, and I don't even quite know what the frustration is about.

I'm going for a walk, and if I'm lucky I'll get hit by a car so I have an excuse for not having my final projects done for tomorrow. Maybe I can get jumped by a gang or something. I'll keep my eye out for opportunities.
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