RamDragon (ramdragon) wrote,

Huh. Food.

So, I realized I hadn't eaten in two days and had three hours of sleep over the last four days. I finally forced myself to eat some pot-stickers and felt a little better. I slept for five hours last night as well. I feel better enough to think straight.

I think I was depressed about not being depressed. I'm not over it yet, but at least I can think today. I can think well enough to recognize how stupid I am about letting this weight crush me.

I'm gonna work on one of my projects I can finish, then I'll spend a few hours in CoH tonight.

I also found out my roommate is moving back out (after only one quarter) and I'm going to loose my internet again. But I'm working 26 hours a week at school and I have a lot of free time there, so I'll probably try to keep posting back in this journal again from there.

However, we've also got a break coming up in a week, and I'll be out of school for three weeks. I'll figure something out.
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